Personalized Genetic Medicine

Proprius Pharma is a Leader in Personalized Medicine

In the past, medicine has been a one size fits all approach. If the patient presents with a bacterial infection, administer the standard antibiotic that has historically show good efficacy and still retains the power to treat a range of susceptible organisms.

If the patient has cancer, there are historically effective courses of treatment such as: Surgical removal, chemotherapy and perhaps radiation treatments. As many know, the side effects of some of these treatments can be nearly as bad as the cancer side effect themselves.

Patients with autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chron’s Disease, Systemic lupus erythematosus and others receive first line treatment with immuno suppressants. These are powerful drugs which reduced the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Although these treatments work well for many patients the side effects are often severe. Immuno suppressants leave patients at risk for secondary infections and disease.

The medical community in the 21st century has reached the point to where these generic treatments are losing their efficacy. Over the past several decades, much research has been put into creating even more powerful drugs. A major goal of researchers is to specifically target the mechanisms which can cause these disorders, instead of systemic treatments with harmful side effects.

For the founders and researchers at Proprius Pharma, the logical next step, or evolution, if you will, is to not simply create more precise drugs, but to create drugs that are custom designed on the patient level. RA treatment for patient A may not be the proper treatment for patient B, for example.

Instead of a long trial an error diagnosis-treatment-remission process that is expensive for the patient, Proprius is developing specialize techniques to tailor treatments for individual patients, without the long process of medication guesswork.

This involves many methods, including genetic testing to predict reactions to different medications. The exciting realization is that these concepts have been in the mainstream consciousness for years. The challenge has been finding effective an affordable treatments for the general populous.

At Proprius pharmaceuticals, our main purpose is to develop effective, efficient and affordable treatments for some of today’s most pressing medical conditions through the use of personalize medicine. Our founders believed over a decade ago that this paradigm would be the next big evolution in medical treatments, an our initial results are promising.

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